Predictive Text Optimization

Our patented AI technology delivers dynamic search suggestions and results based on historical on-device behaviors — creating the most intuitive experience for every shopper.

  • Get featured outside of legacy search engines, display ads, and sponsored tiles
  • Sit above traditional search engine results
  • Optimize the brand discovery process

Monetized Moments

We have global partnerships that reach an audience of hundreds of millions of people worldwide — giving you the power to break away from traditional, expensive affiliate channels.

  • Use our network to grow your audience
  • Get CPA at a CPC level
  • Create a more efficient spend with AI-powered optimizations

Friction-Free Commerce

We make mobile experiences simple and seamless, so that people have an easier path to purchase.

More Privacy

With data privacy at the core of our product development, you can engage with target audiences in a trusted environment.

Innovative Brand Results

Optimized brand discovery comes from dynamic suggestions generated for each individual.


Sustainable Data
Kee2 keeps search data private and protected while optimizing results based on users’ shopping behaviors, ensuring our platform won’t need to alter because of regulatory changes, carrier updates, or cookie policies.
Seamless Visibility
Kee2 fits in with people’s natural search behaviors, which generates more engagement than interrupting them with messages from brands.
Ever-Growing AI
Our patented AI learns more about people’s intentions as they search, which means your brand will display when it’s the most relevant result.

Ready to Become a Partner?

Our AI-driven innovations make mobile interactions and transactions simple, seamless, and more convenient. See why the world’s biggest brands, teams, and entertainers turn to us to build a stronger camaraderie with their fans.